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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Snow Day!!

The Blizzard of 2/1/2011 is one for the history books!  We had 16 inches of snow on top of an inch or so of ice (yuck) at our house.  It is just crazy to think that four days ago we were in shorts hiking the trails of Redbud Valley and today we are snuggled up by the fire after spending some time in the snow!  I took a few pictures of my boys in the winter wonderland that I hope you enjoy.  I'm working on editing pictures from a family photo shoot earlier this week and I'll have those posted soon.  Stay warm and stay safe!!

Look at those snow drifts!  Somewhere under that large drift is a big stone bubbler and a bench!

My Favorite Monkey.

The Jeep made it through the neighborhood, but that was enough for us today!

My boys have spent more time at the beach than in the snow, so they adapted today
and buried each other just like they do with sand. :)

This is exactly how the snow makes me feel!